Back to School for them means spa time for YOU at Hoshall’s

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As summer draws to a close, Back to School time is here once again. The new backpacks and lunchboxes have been purchased, the class schedules have been received, and bedtime is getting more strictly enforced. But with all the preparation you’ve been doing for your children, have you been able to take any time for yourself?


Nail Salons in Folsom, CA: The Health Benefits of a Proper Pedicure

Getting your fingernails and toenails done is not only for appearances, but also does your health a small favor. In a recent article, Modern Salon media editor Rosanne Ullman quotes Dr. Coleen Napolitano of Loyola University Medical Center as encouraging everyone to groom their nails both in summer and in winter for health purposes. Specifically, Dr. Napolitano advises keeping one’s toenails as short as possible for the following reasons: